Online Certification Tests 


Do I get a certification instantly?

Yes, after you complete the test, you get certification on the registered mail id. Make sure you check the mail after you completed the test. You can download it post taking the test as well and share it on LinkedIn. 

Is the certificate test worth doing?

Yes, all the time. 

If you are looking for skill recognition, this is a good way to start. The industry recognizes all kinds of skill certifications. 

Why certification? 

Certifications help you establish your credibility. Research shows, it helps you get better chances at selection, Job interviews, can help you in getting a better job and a better salary. 

Why are Certifications designed without a course?

It is designed in such a way to help all the students. who study at college or at home, have knowledge but don't have a certificate. 

How to take a Certification Test?

After you have purchased the Test or used the access code of the Test, the Test would be added to your My Course Section. Click on the certification Test image to start the course.

I have issues with Login, what should I do?

You can click on Forgot Password link to reset your password from the login screen. We will send the new password to your registered email address. Try to login with the new password.
If the issue still persists, drop an email to with the issue details.

I am unable to access the Tests what should I do?

Please check whether you are using the same email, which was used for purchasing/using the access code. Check for the Tests in your My Course section. If the test is still not available, please drop an email to

Do I need to do a course for the certification?

No, No course is necessary to take the test. You can study anywhere, at college, at home, and take the certification test when you feel ready. 

I have studied on YouTube and other online courses, can I still take the test?

Doesn't matter where you study, you can take a test here and get certified. This is a test for your skill. 

Is this certificate has any value? Is it valid for any Job interview? 

All certifications have value, You will get the certification only after a test. Your certification is graded on your performance.  You can showcase on your CV and talk about it in an interview. 

Can I get a job with a short course/Test certificate?

The certificate can help you get a job, however, it completely depends upon your skill. It is not advisable to link it with Job assurance. 

Are there free online courses that I can finish in a day? 

All certifications tests at Goseeko can be completed in a day. Some of them are free Tests. These are not courses. If you clear the tests, you will get certifications in a day.  

Are there short online certifications to be done in a day? 

Yes, if you are prepared enough, all the certifications tests at Goseeko can get you certifications in a day. 

What are some cool certifications to have?

You can begin with Python Beginners and Advance tests to bring you an edge. After that, you should definitely try  Data science certification tests
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