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Syllabus of the DATA STRUCTURE Test

Module 1

Introduction: Basic Terminologies: Elementary Data Organizations, Data Structure Operations: insertion, deletion, traversal etc.; Analysis of an Algorithm, Asymptotic Notations, Time-Space trade off.


Module 2

Stacks and Queues: ADT Stack and its operations: Algorithms and their complexity analysis, Applications of Stacks: Expression Conversion and evaluation, Polish notation and expression conversion, Need for prefix and postfix expressions, Postfix expression evaluation, corresponding algorithms and complexity analysis. ADT queue, Types of Queue: Simple Queue, Circular Queue, Priority Queue; Operations on each Type of Queues: Algorithms and their analysis.


Module 3

Linked Lists: Singly linked lists: Representation in memory, Algorithms of several operations: Traversing, Searching, Insertion into, Deletion from linked list; Linked representation of Stack and Queue, Header nodes, doubly linked list: operations on it and algorithmic analysis; Circular Linked Lists: all operations their algorithms and the complexity analysis.


Module 4

Searching and Sorting and: Linear Search and Binary Search Techniques and their complexity analysis. Objective and properties of different sorting algorithms: Selection Sort, Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Quick Sort, Merge Sort, Heap Sort; Performance and Comparison among all the methods


Module 5

Trees: Basic Tree Terminologies, Different types of Trees: Binary Tree, Threaded Binary Tree, Binary Search Tree, Binary tree Traversals- inorder, preorder, post order, depth first and breadth first, Full Binary Tree, AVL Tree; Tree operations on each of the trees and their algorithms with complexity analysis. Applications of Binary Trees. B Tree, B+ Tree, Spanning Trees and Minimum spanning tree- Prims and Kruskal Algorithms

Graph: Basic Terminologies and Representations, Weighted graph, Graph search and traversal algorithms and complexity analysis, Dikjtra's Algorithm, Flyod-Warshall Algorithm


Module 6

Hashing: Concepts-hash table, hash function, basic operations, bucket, collision, probe, synonym, overflow, open hashing, closed hashing, perfect hash function, load density, full table, load factor, rehashing, issues in hashing, hash functions- properties of good hash function, division, multiplication, extraction, mid-square, folding and universal, Collision resolution strategies- open addressing and chaining, Hash table overflow- open addressing and chaining, extendible hashing, closed addressing and separate chaining.

File Organization: Files: concept, need, primitive operations. Sequential file organization- concept and primitive operations, Direct Access File- Concepts and Primitive operations, Indexed sequential file organization-concept, types of indices, structure of index sequential file, Linked Organization- multi list files, coral rings, inverted files and cellular partitions.


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