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Syllabus of C++ Test

Unit I Introduction

Object Oriented Technology, Advantages of OOP, Input-output in C++, Tokens, Keywords, Identifiers, Data Types C++, De-rives data types. The void data type, Type Modifiers, Typecasting, Constant, Operator, Precedence of Operators, Strings, array, call by value and call by reference, return by reference


Unit II Classes & Objects

Defining class, Defining member functions, static data members, static member functions, private data members, public member functions, arrays of objects, objects as function arguments.

Constructors and Destructors: types of constructors, handling of multiple constructors, destructors.


Unit III Operator Overloading

Fundamentals of Operator Overloading, Restrictions on Operators Overloading, Operator Functions as Class Members vs. as Friend Functions, Overloading Unary Operators, Overloading Binary Operators, Overloading of operators using friend functions.


Unit IV Inheritance & Polymorphism

Introduction to inheritance, base and derived classes, friend classes, types of inheritance, hybrid inheritance, member access control, static class, multiple inheritance, ambiguity, virtual base class, Introduction to polymorphism, pointers to objects, virtual functions, pure virtual functions, abstract base class, Polymorphic class, virtual destructors, early and late binding, container classes, Contained classes, Singleton class.


Unit V Templates, Namespaces and Exception handling

Templates: Introduction, Function template and class template, function overloading vs. function templates Namespaces: Introduction, Rules of namespaces Exception handling: Introduction, basics of exception handling, exception handling mechanism, throwing and catching mechanism, specifying exceptions, Multiple Exceptions, Exceptions with arguments C++ streams, stream classes, unformatted I/O, formatted I/O and I/O manipulators.


Unit VI Working with files

Introduction, classes for file Stream Operations, opening and closing files, detecting End_Of_File (EOF), modes f File Opening, file pointers and manipulators, updating file, error handling during file operations.

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