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Syllabus of C Test

Unit 1

Programming Basics: Structure of C program: writing and executing the first C program, Syntax and logical errors in compilation, object and executable code. Components of C language: Standard I/O in C, Fundamental data types, Variables and memory locations, Storage classes.


Unit 2

Arithmetic expressions, operators and precedence: Operators and expression using numeric and relational operators, mixed operands, type conversion, logical operators, bit operations, assignment operator, operator precedence and associatively.

Conditional Branching and Loops, Writing and evaluation of conditionals and consequent branching, Iteration and loops, Array notation and representation, manipulating array elements, using multi-dimensional arrays. Character arrays and strings, Structure, union, enumerated data types, Array of structures, Passing arrays to functions.


Unit 3

Functions: Introduction, types of functions, functions with array, passing parameters to functions, call by value, call by reference, recursive functions.

Recursion: Recursion as a different way of solving problems. Example programs, such as Finding Factorial, Fibonacci series, Ackerman function etc.


Unit 4

Pointers: Introduction, declaration, applications, Introduction to dynamic memory allocation, Use of pointers in self-referential structures, notion of linked list

Structure: Structures, Defining structures and Array of Structures, Structure vs Union.

File handling: ASCII and binary Files, File I/O functions, Standard C pre-processors, defining and calling macros, command-line arguments

Course Curriculum

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