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Syllabus of Taxation

Unit-I Basic Concepts: Income, agricultural income, casual income,
assessment year, previous year, gross total income, total income, person; Tax evasion, avoidance, and tax planning. Basis of Charge: Scope of total income, residence and tax liability, income which does not form part of total income.

Unit-II Heads of Income: Salaries; Income from house property; Profit and gains of business or profession, including provisions relating to specific business; Capital gains; Income from other sources.

Unit-III Computation of Tax Liability: Computation of total income and tax liability of an individual, Aggregation of income; Set- off and carry forward of losses; Deduction from gross total income.

Uni -IV Tax Management: Tax deduction at source; Advance payment of tax.

Unit-V Assessment procedures: Tax planning for individuals, Tax Authorities.

Course Curriculum

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