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Syllabus of the HTML Test

Unit - 1
HTML: Introduction, history and versions, Basic structure of an HTML, HTML elements: headings, paragraphs, line break, colors and fonts, links, frames, lists, tables, list, images and forms, Difference between HTML and HTML5.

Unit - 2
HTML- Mark up Tags, Heading-Paragraphs, Line Breaks, Tags, attributes, elements, formatting, phase tags, meta tags, comments, email links, background, blocks, marque, header, stylesheet, html
javascript, layout, tag reference, Working with Hyperlinks, Working with controls

Unit – 3
CSS: Introduction to Style Sheet, CSS features, CSS core syntax, selector, CSS Properties, CSS Styling (Background, Text Format, Controlling Fonts), Working with block elements and objects, Working with Lists and Tables, CSS Id and Class, CSS Color, Style sheets and HTML, Style rule cascading and inheritance, text properties, Bootstrap.

Unit - 4
CSS Gradients, Shadow Effects, borders, margins, paddings, transformations, transitions and animations, etc., CSS box modal and CSS Flex, Positioning systems of CSS, CSS media queries,
Document type.

Unit - 5
XML: DTD, XML schemes, Object Models, presenting and using XML, Using XML Processors: DOM and SAX, Dynamic HTML

Course Curriculum

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