Cyber Security

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Syllabus for cyber security

Unit I Security Basics

Introduction, Elements of Information Security, Security Policy, Techniques, Steps, Categories, Operational Model of Network Security, Basic Terminologies in Network Security. Threats and Vulnerability, Difference between Security and Privacy.


Unit II Data Encryption Techniques And Standards

Introduction, Encryption Methods: Symmetric, Asymmetric, Cryptography, Substitution Ciphers. Transposition Ciphers, Stenography applications and limitations, Block Ciphers and methods of operations, Feistal Cipher, Data Encryption Standard (DES), Triple DES, DES Design Criteria, Weak Keys in DES Algorithms, Advance Encryption Standard (AES).


Unit III Public Key And Management

Public Key Cryptography, RSA Algorithm: Working, Key length, Security, Key Distribution,

Deffie-Hellman Key Exchange, Elliptic Curve: Arithmetic, Cryptography, Security, Authentication methods, Message Digest, Kerberos, X.509 Authentication service. Digital Signatures: Implementation, Algorithms, Standards (DSS), Authentication Protocol.


Unit IV Security Requirements

IP Security: Introduction, Architecture, IPV6, IPv4, IPSec protocols, and Operations, AH Protocol, ESP Protocol, ISAKMP Protocol, Oakkey determination Protocol, VPN. WEB Security: Introduction, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), SSL Session and Connection, SSL Record Protocol, Change Cipher Spec Protocol, Alert Protocol, Handshake Protocol. Electronic Mail Security: Introduction, Pretty Good Privacy, MIME, S/MIME, Comparison. Secure Electronic Transaction (SET). 


Unit V Firewall And Intrusion

Introduction, Computer Intrusions. Firewall Introduction, Characteristics and types, Benefits and limitations. Firewall architecture, Trusted Systems, Access Control. Intrusion detection, IDS: Need, Methods, Types of IDS, Password Management, Limitations and Challenges.


Unit VI Confidentiality And Cyber Forensic

Introduction to Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Cyber Stalking, PII impact levels with examples Cyber Stalking, Cybercrime, PII Confidentiality Safeguards, Information Protection Law: Indian Perspective.


Course Curriculum

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